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The Basics Of Mobile App Advertising

mobile app gridOver the past two years, mobile app downloads have significantly increased, and it has been found out that more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. It has also been estimated that the growth will continuously increase in the next few years to come – which indicates that this is a perfect time for businesses to target mobile users and launch their mobile app advertising campaign.

Mobile advertising can benefit both companies and developers at the same time. For developers, instead of putting a price tag on their app, they’d offer in-app purchases instead, and display ads. This is an excellent opportunity for those app developers have an increased number of downloads ever since they launched their app in the market. Business owners, on the other hand, with the right apps, can increase their sales and revenues while taking advantage of the generally increasing number of smartphone users.

The Basics Of Mobile Advertising

The majority of mobile app ads have similar arrangements – somewhat similar to desktop banner advertising. App developers join various advertisement networks which sell off app advertising space to developers. In general, advertisers are willing to pay per ad click, which is somewhat similar to online advertising. There are other advertisers, on the other hand, who are okay with paying per thousand impressions.

In general, the amount that you’d get for your app advertising space may generally vary depending on your advertisers, as well as the total number of downloads and usage is. The computation of the overall revenue an app developer would get may also depend on the market share calculations. This means that the more people who are downloading and using the app, the greater the ad space would be for your mobile app.

ROI For Advertisers

While the typical online advertising works for most businesses, many companies also venture to mobile app advertising because of the increasing demand for smartphones, as well as the fact that apps are widely used these days. In fact, it has been shown that paying consumers even spend more time on their mobile device, more than on their computers, which is an advantage that companies should take advantage of.

ROI has been reported to be faster, given the fact that you choose your apps wisely, so you can target your right market. It may take a bit of research and may consume some of your time, but, in the long run, app advertising is definitely he next big thing for both businesses and developers.