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The Profile Of Denis Simioni

ojon hair product image - Denis SimioniBeing an entrepreneur means you have a story to tell. This story can be great in marketing and selling the products you create. The big brands each have a story to tell and the founder invested a great deal of hard work and sacrifice. There are some who were on a verge of bankruptcy but they still found a way. This is normal in all entrepreneurs. There are points where you think to yourself “it’s the end”, but still find the light at the end of the tunnel. Going through the entire process from the idea to a company with million in sales is a great achievement and serve as an inspiration to many people.

Denis Simioni is one of the entrepreneurs who have experienced success and have launched products that sell like crazy. He started a company with a product that has a great story that took years and lots of effort to create. The products took time to perfect and bring it to the market.

Creating a product in the cosmetic industry takes a lot of time, effort, and money. This is one of the most competitive industry to penetrate and get a fair share. People are very careful when it comes to their cosmetic products. There are many risks that are associated in trying out new products and people will be turned off by this.

Denis Simoni however managed to make a name for himself in the industry and create quality products. The Ojon brand has become a household name and has made impressive sales within a shorter timeline compared to other products in the past.

The journey has definitely been full of challenges and problems but with determination and passion, he has been able to succeed. Passion is the one thing that puts the fun and motivation to wake up every morning and do the best that needs to be done.

Denis Simioni is a Canadian businessman and entrepreneur who started his company in a very interesting way. The story behind the product make it very interesting. He has made himself a name in the industry and his products continue ti put a smile on people faces.

Before starting the cosmetic company, he used to run an ad agency in Oakville, Ontario that specialized in beauty products. This helped him in a way to market and grow his company, Ojon. The skills also helped him penetrate the competitive industry easily.

There is one thing that every entrepreneur is told, you need only one break to make it. Having a successful product opens many doors and opportunities. The story is no different for Denis Simioni. His hair care product was the one thing that took him to the level of success he enjoys currently.
One day, a relative came to visit him from Central America and left him a jar of brown oil in a baby food jar. It was called the natural and native remedy for damaged hair and skin. Denis didn’t bother to use the product because he didn’t believe it could work.

He left the jar untouched for two years on a cluttered shelf. One day as they were swimming, he noticed the hair of his wife was brittle, very dry and unruly. He looked around for something to use but could not find anything. This is where he remembered the jar that his relative brought him two years ago. Since he did not have any other option, he used the product and the results were great.

The results were instant and the hair became softer, smoother and more radiant. When the hair was brushed it slid through with no snag or discomfort. This really amazed him and he saw a real opportunity in this. There was no similar product in the market and this made him even more curious as to why it wasn’t.

Since he did not know how the product was made, he went to Central America to look for the plant used to make the gloop. The Misikito people of Central America were the source of this wonderful product. The tribe had used the product for over 500 years. Immediately a baby was born, they were introduced to the product and they used it until they grew old.

When Denis first visited the tribe, he noticed the hair and the skin of the people soft and smooth. This was a major boost for him because this was a step closer from him to believe the product would work. He learned more about the community and the product for some time before deciding to start making it.

He learned more about the Ojon tree which produced the nuts used in making the gloop. Ojon has continued to take into account the welfare of the community and they still use the same process used by the community to make the products.

He then developed the first product, restorative hair treatment which became a major success. Because of his previous experience in the beauty industry, it was easier for him to market and sell the product. Clinical test showed some great results which boosted the sales and confidence in the product.

In 2007, Denis Simioni got a major boost when Estee Lauder Cos bought his Ojon brand of hair products for $45 million. He was retained in the company and has continued to develop the brand and products.

Denis Simioni has continued to inspire entrepreneurs and players in the beauty industry.