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The Basics Of Mobile App Advertising

mobile app gridOver the past two years, mobile app downloads have significantly increased, and it has been found out that more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. It has also been estimated that the growth will continuously increase in the next few years to come – which indicates that this is a perfect time for businesses to target mobile users and launch their mobile app advertising campaign.

Mobile advertising can benefit both companies and developers at the same time. For developers, instead of putting a price tag on their app, they’d offer in-app purchases instead, and display ads. This is an excellent opportunity for those app developers have an increased number of downloads ever since they launched their app in the market. Business owners, on the other hand, with the right apps, can increase their sales and revenues while taking advantage of the generally increasing number of smartphone users.

The Basics Of Mobile Advertising

The majority of mobile app ads have similar arrangements – somewhat similar to desktop banner advertising. App developers join various advertisement networks which sell off app advertising space to developers. In general, advertisers are willing to pay per ad click, which is somewhat similar to online advertising. There are other advertisers, on the other hand, who are okay with paying per thousand impressions.

In general, the amount that you’d get for your app advertising space may generally vary depending on your advertisers, as well as the total number of downloads and usage is. The computation of the overall revenue an app developer would get may also depend on the market share calculations. This means that the more people who are downloading and using the app, the greater the ad space would be for your mobile app.

ROI For Advertisers

While the typical online advertising works for most businesses, many companies also venture to mobile app advertising because of the increasing demand for smartphones, as well as the fact that apps are widely used these days. In fact, it has been shown that paying consumers even spend more time on their mobile device, more than on their computers, which is an advantage that companies should take advantage of.

ROI has been reported to be faster, given the fact that you choose your apps wisely, so you can target your right market. It may take a bit of research and may consume some of your time, but, in the long run, app advertising is definitely he next big thing for both businesses and developers.

Why Mobile Application Analytics Can Help Improve Your Business

analytics for mobileThe key to understanding what is making you money with your business is to use some form of analytics. This means, especially if you have set up a website where you are getting visitors from all over the world, it’s good to know what keywords they are searching for in order to find your website and potentially purchase your products. This used to be confined to what you are able to accomplish on your desktop computer, but now there are mobile applications that can allow you to do this wherever you happen to be. Here are the benefits of using mobile application analytics to make sure that your business is on track, so you can make the necessary changes to improve your overall sales wherever you are in the world.

Different Types Of Analytics

There are several different parameters that are monitored by devices that offer analytics today. One of the most popular ones is Google analytics which has been used for many years in order to monitor who is visiting your website. This can take into account the demographics of the person that is visiting, what time they visit, and which pages they are going to. This can help you in regard to understanding what keywords are being found on the Internet with pages and posts that you have made, helping you to improve upon your marketing efforts.

The Basics Of Mobile Application Analytics

This really is the same as typical analytics, with the exception that it is available on your mobile device. In the past, you would have to log into your analytics page on Google, or through some other company, using the web browser built into your phone. Today, there are applications that have specifically been made by these companies that you can add on to your smart phone for free. By simply tapping them, they can show you what is going on at any given moment so that you can assess what is working, what is not working, and make the necessary changes.

Essentially, if you do not know what is working, what is bringing in your money, you will never be able to make anymore. It could be purely accidental that one website, or a couple pages on an individual site, are the ones that are making you the most cash. By understanding why people are finding that page, and what is motivating them make the purchase, you can use this information to your advantage. That is why analytics are so popular today, helping people understand what is going on with their own online business, allowing them to make more profits.

Data Usage Apps For iPhone

mobile iPhoneTechnology is growing everyday with the introduction of powerful and very fast mobile hardware and software. The introduction of iPhone 5 and 6 coming with their latest technology 4G LTE comes with awesome speeds that will allow clear streaming of music and videos found on the internet. There is a downside to this too, this awesome speed will also be burning down on your data. There is a close estimation of around 50% increase in data usage.

However, the good news for iPhone owners is that, there are 3rd party data usage apps that are available in the market. These apps offer the real time data usage information, including what you have used and what you have remaining. There are those that even send SMS alerts to users who pass a specified percentage.


This is a free data usage app that monitors both cellular and WIFI data usage. It shows how you have used data in a graph form or a simple list that shows the date and the corresponding location. It also have an added feature where you can test the speed of your internet. You can also set optional alerts of your data usage.
The data usage monitor comes with a speed tester for WIFI, cellular and can also be used to test the speed of a specific website. However there have been some complains with the black and green interface.


DataMan is not a free app, it cost $.99. It also shows data usage when using cellular of WIFI. It can also show the amount of data that has been uploaded and downloaded. It comes also with an option where you can set data usage alerts. Among the many apps that have been reviewed, DataMan has proven to be the simplest option.

DataMan is a general app that is very easy to use and is very clear in the way it displays its information. Some reviewers have said that there is nothing confusing with this app.


This app is not free also in the market. The data usage app costs $.99 and shows both WIFI and cellular data usage. This app can also calculate the ideal usage of a user. The app is very easy to use and its progress bar has no unnecessary information. It also have an option of viewing your own data usage history. The app also shows the monthly data usage.

The app also provides additional information that is very helpful e.g. giving estimated values of data the user is going to use that day. It also show the number of days remaining before your next billing cycle. The app has an added feature where you can export your data usage information to your personal email address.

Overall all this apps have almost the same features. But it is clear that DataMan is the simplest of them all. With this simplicity it also does not offer a lot of information. Data usage monitor has cutting edge of itself considering that it is the only free app on this list. This app is also the most popular app in the iPhone App store.

Benefits Of Mobile App Analytics Tool

Anayltics InformationA quality mobile app analytics tool is essential in this day and age. There are many people who are unable to understand the benefits of knowing their conversion rates and other related information when it comes to mobile app usage. It is one thing to have a mobile app and another to know how it is benefiting the ultimate goal that is in place. If it is not working as required, would you not want to know what is happening with it and what can be done to tweak it? Here are a few of the key benefits that come along with a tool of this nature.

Immediate Data

What is better than being able to sift through a significant amount of data within minutes? This is the true value of going with a tool of this nature and using it with your mobile app. You are able to figure out what is happening with your mobile app and how consumers and/or subscribers are interacting with it. If there are issues that have to be corrected, what can you do in order to better yourself? This ability to tap into an immediate collection of data is essential in the short and long run for your own success as well as the app’s.

Able To Make Tweaks On The Go

Another benefit that has been listed with regards to a tool of this nature would be something that has to do with the tweaks you can make. You are able to make changes immediately and that is something that cannot be ignored.

You can look through all of the information that is being processed and then make a decision on the go. There is no reason to hesitate because the analytics that you are going to be getting are top tier and of the highest quality. It does not get easier than this for you.

These are key benefits that cannot be ignored when it comes to a quality mobile app analytics tool. There are a lot of people who do understand that having a mobile app is essential, but that is only a part of the process. There are many other factors that come into play and have to be taken into consideration in the short and long term. By looking at these benefits, it becomes clear that having the right tool in hand is essential.